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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 12, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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44 police officers are targeted for disciplinary action tonight following these ruckus demonstrations months ago. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. the investigation has resulted in more complaints of police misconduct than any previous event.
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now the chief is ready to take disciplinary action. details on the report and reaction from a marine who suffered a brain injury during one protest. >> reporter: this is the four page report as frank said. 44 officers recommended for disciplinary action. today for the first time scott olson that marine that was injured during one of those protests sat down with me and shared his thoughts. >> reporter: the video caught by ktvu photographers last year showed an officer throws a projectile into a crowd trying to help injured marine scott olson who collapsed on the ground. today for the first time oakland police admitted to ktvu it was one of their officers. >> we expect our officers to follow the policies of the department and when they don't, we will hold them accountable. >> reporter: that -- the investigation into that protest and two others have taken months.
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>> i was shot like right here under my hair. >> reporter: tonight i spoke with scott olson who suffered a brain injury who was hurt by a projectile. >> i can still tell i was not fully recovered. i notice i have trouble with my speaking. >> reporter: he says he's surprised by the report. the chief is recommending disciplinary action for 44 officers. suspending 15 officers for up to a month and giving written reprimand to others. >> it's good to see that maybe they are taking a step in the right direction as far as accountability. >> reporter: but olson and overs say there should be more transparency. >> this wasn't just a question of individual misconduct by
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officers but was a systemic failure of the department to show appropriate leadership. >> reporter: scott olson says he plans to file a lawsuit against the city. meanwhile, the officers are under investigation tonight. we caught up with oakland mayor gene quan. she says chief jordan made fair and balanced recommendation. >> there's the outside general report and also the inside internal recommendation, that's key to me whether or not the oakland police can investigate itself and come up with findings that are fair. >> reporter: mayor quan says the city plans to have a ruling on all complaints by october 25th which is the one year deadline required by state law. new at 10:00, city leaders in concord are looking into ways to crack down on outdoor medical marijuana grows after seeing our report about a
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backyard pot operation last week. eric rasmussen is live in concord and figures out concord isn't the only city where neighbors are reporting problems. erick. >> reporter: right prong, we just heard about another backyard grow -- right frank, we just heard about another backyard grow possibly bigger than the one we saw in concord. they are both legal. it's what's under this large plastic at the present time in the backyard of a house in pittsburg. >> the smell is horrendous. absolutely horrendous. at one point we counted 60 plants in the backyard. >> reporter: medical marijuana plants that jordan worries will make his neighborhood a target
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for crime. city leaders say they're looking into drafting an ordnance to restrict where and how the plants are grown. >> perhaps looking at having the growth indoors instead of outdoors that certainly would take care of some of the major concerns that we have. >> reporter: it's something the growers in this case say they might be willing to abide by. no one answered at the home in pittsburg but jordan said that his neighborhood is not the right way to grow. >> go out to brentwood where they farm. >> reporter: in some cases medical marijuana advocates have promised to fight them in court. we're live here in concord, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. police in san leandro say they busted a large pot grow operation and seized thousands of plants with the street value estimated at $2 million. officers say they arrested 47-
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year-old howard wong of oakland, 39-year-old shukin cai of san francisco and laikuan liang of alameda. they are suspected of growing marijuana. they also seized cash and marijuana that had already been processed. happening now authorities have surrounded a home in hollister where a man who's a friend of a woman who went missing has barricaded himself inside. police say heather carol was last seen friday morning after dropping off her daughter in school. the next day, carol's suv was found burned on the side of the road. it's not known if she is in the home. officers say the man play be armed. firefighters in san francisco are remaining on the scene of a four alarm fire that destroyed a popular restaurant right in the heart of the portal restaurant. the fire started in the squat
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and gobble cafe just across the street from a busy muni tunnel. the fire then quickly spread to a wine bar and orthodon to the best -- orthodontist office. >> he treats his store like his babies. he has to do it right. >> it took six hours to control that fire. the cause is under investigation but authorities say there are no indications that it was deliberately set. in san jose firefighters responded to a fire made worse by exploding bullets. the flames broke out about 4:00 this morning at a house on carlton avenue. ammunition stored inside made it too dangerous for crews to enter the home so they stayed outside and it ended uptaking them about an hour to put out the flames. the couple who lived there
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suffered minor burns. sunny vale based chip maker advanced micro is announcing lay offs. an unidentified source told reuters the lay offs would amount to 10 to 20% of the work force. as of january, amd had more than 11,000 employees worldwide. an east bay company called workday is celebrating a lucrative opening on wall street. executives from the company based in pleasanton rang the opening bell at the new york stock exchange today. workday provides cloud storage for human resources and finance. the stock opened at $28 and closed at more than $48 a share. a gain of almost 74%. the ipo ended up raising $647 million. on wall street stocks ended flat today. the dow jones rose 2-1/2
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points, nasdaq dropped five. third quarter earning reports have failed to impress and indexes dropped about 2% over all. apple is staying quiet but media outlets report that the company will launch an i pad mini sometime this month. the reports are based on unnamed sources familiar with apple's plans. analysts speculate the price half sized i pad will run about $300. there will be a media report ahead of the holiday season and just before microsoft releases its own tablet. just about 40 minutes ago, we learned the san francisco giants will be facing the st. louis cardinals at home on sunday for the first game of the national league championship series. giants fan fever is running high across the bay area tonight. ktvu's patty lee live in the city where people are gearing up for the game. patti-- >> reporter: gasia they're gearing up literally and
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figuratively. just look at the color of coit tower. the impact of this winning season is unmistakable. as the lights go down, you can see it's an orange october. >> you can feel it in the air. >> reporter: it's also evident in the team store where fans today snapped up all things orange and black. >> reporter: the team has brought her office together and that's not all. the giants excess is uniting the bay area in the way the presidential election can't. another new t-shirt hits the racks tomorrow. finally party for everyone. >> it just brought everyone in the bay area and here in san francisco so much closer to each other. >> reporter: even when the team takes a night off their fans don't. >> watching the cards-nats because they need to figure out who they're playing in the next
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round. >> reporter: it may seem a little like a sit down. >> i will have to find out if i have to be in the midwest representing or not. >> reporter: but it's one that hurts so good. the giants will now be heading back to san francisco. they have be standing by in cincinnati all night waiting to find out who they play next. all of this of course is great news for businesses around the ballpark and across the city and across the bay area wherever giants fans can be found. reporting live in san francisco, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now the national league championship series kicks off this sunday right here on ktvu when the giants take on the st. louis cardinals here in san francisco. our coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. right after the 49ers game. your bay area weekend is here i'll show you when and where we'll see temperatures in the 80s. in 90 seconds a devastating loss for a bay area school. the mystery surrounding the death of a beloved teacher.
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>> a new by area code is coming to the bay area and how it will affect more than how you dial.
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the space shuttle endeavour is on the move slowly maying its way from l.a.x. to the space center. this is a live view right now from los angeles as endeavour is being towed through the streets of l. a. the space shuttle is so large that trees
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had to be cut down. and it's so heavy it's only moving at two-miles-an-hour. when it traveled in space it traveled up to 12,000-miles-an- hour. >> it's kind of sad because this is the end of the manned space program. >> to see it passing through the neighborhood i just don't even have words for it hardly. >> reporter: from the ground, look at that shot there. you can really get a sense of the endeavour's size. five stories high with a wingspan of 07 feet. the cost is about $20 million and it's being paid for by the science center not with money from taxpayers. this was a somber day at james logan high school in union city. students and staff are mourning the death of a long time teacher. paul chambers explains why the students say they have a lot of questions. >> reporter: 54-year-old christopher ryan of redwood city was a veteran educator at logan high school. >> chris was a teacher here for
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20 years. he thought english and social studies. >> he was someone that you knew knew a lot that he would be able to teach us. >> he was really nice. he talked a lot about college. he wanted to prep us all for it. >> reporter: today grief counselors were on hand as students were announced of ryan's death. ryan's family said they last saw him tuesday. but at this parking lot deputies found ryan's car just after 11:30 wednesday night. the next day ryan's body was found in the same general area. investigators would not comment on how ryan died. they did say the case is now in the case of coroner's office. back at james logan, students say they have lots of questions but more importantly ryan's presence will be missed. >> he had heart problems. i'm hoping it's something related to that instead of a murder or something like that. >> we're still trying to figure out exactly what happened but i've seen a lot of the teachers and everyone is just shocked. >> i work for the book room, the lady there said that every morning he would come in and he would talk to her and no calls
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or e-mails he would always make sure he came face to face. >> reporter: the school plans to pay tribute to ryan starting next week. the coroner's office would not give us information about this case. we did contact ryan's family but understandably they denied an interview. police named a husband and wife arrested in washington state as suspects in the death of teacher suzy goh. and darnell washington's bail was set at a million dollars. another unsolved killing tonight. it's the city's 37th homicide to far this year. robert handa tells us the victim was found in the 1700 block of roger's avenue near
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where 101 and 880 intersect. >> reporter: san jose police say the city's latest homicide was mostly a mystery. a man was found around 1:45 in this business park on roger's avenue. so far investigators have no leads. >> we're not investigating as a gang related crime. but those things could change. >> reporter: police have been interviewing possible witnesses the only near by business opened at that hour and located about 40 yards from the body. a neighboring business owner who did not want his face shown, says the area can attract large and loud crowds. >> bars, strippers, messy in the morning. i didn't think it was going to go this far. >> reporter: the homicide rate is a perplexing problem. there were 39 all of last year,
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which was the highest number in 15 years. 43 in 1997. the highest ever 53 in 1991. >> and if you go through and look at them some of them are gang related. some are domestic violence. some are drug deals gone bad. some are things that no one could prevent. >> reporter: a person who identified herself as a manager of alos declined to comment. in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now san jose police say they have arrested 10 suspects in connection with two separate gang related killings. last week police arrested eight people for the may 16 death of ricky ha, k-bgs -- hakus. then police arrested the man involved with the death of
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daniel garcia farias. 23-year-old sheng han was injured, her mother-in-law died in the hospital. han suffered serious injuries but is making significant strides. her husband is documenting his wife's battle back to health on their website. a tree was planted honoring 41-year-old suloman nori and his 8-year-old daughter hedesa. the 17-year-old driver of the suv recently pled guilty to vehicle manslaughter with gross negligence and reckless driving. his sentencing is in ten days. the sierra nevada saw its first snow and it's rising hope. about an inch of snow was reported this morning on the highway peaks around tahoe. the storm that moved through the bay area earlier this week
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eventually made its way up to the sierra. we had a few sprinkles around here this afternoon and this morning. there goes one weather system. that was the one that brought us severe weather there it goes again. here comes another weak weather system. it might bring us closer to the coast. as we head into your tomorrow a much nicer day. saturday temperatures are a good five to 10 degrees warmer than they were today. so tomorrow morning when you get up there's a little bit of cloud cover but not a lot. patchy partly cloudy, partly sunny. in the afternoon temperatures warm into the 70s. for many of us the rest of us are upper 60s so we're going to see mid-70s and upper 60s. temperatures tomorrow on the warmer side. when i come back at 10:45 we're going to look at the nlcs game coming up with the giants on sunday then we have the niner game in town. there's a lot going on this weekend we'll come back at 10:45. the 23rd annual gilroy garlic festival raised a lot of
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money. a total of $325,000 was distributed to 175 groups. since it was founded back in 1979 the festival has generated nearly $10 million for nonprofit groups. this year more than 4,000 volunteers worked at the three day festival it drew more than 100,000 visitors. speaking of the south bay they're getting a new area code. tonight at 10:30 the habit everyone will have to change right away. after the break a water rescue in the bay after a party boat hits a rock. y? hi, primo! asopao! right, asopao! there you go cuz, so you can sweat it out! oh, and music... ( all ) music? ... heals the soul. the power to share unites us. verizon brings your entire family the savings of the share everything plan. unlimited talk. unlimited text. and data you can share with up to 10 devices, all in one plan. get the 4glte droid razr by motorola for $99.99. verizon.
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we have developing news out of san francisco. a party boat carrying 22 people struck a rock while cruising near alcatraz island. the boat was being used for a bachelor party. after hitting the rocks the
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boat called the neptune started taking in water. we talked with the bachelor who described the incident as scary and sketchy. even though there was an ambulance on scene no one was hurt. the mother of one victim had her own dna testing done and discovered the bones of two other victims were mixed in with her daughter's remains. one bone belonged to a child. police are now having it tested to see if it belonged to mccayla garrett who vanished from hayward in 1988. police made several arrests today in a case that's making international headlines. it involved a teenager who was shot by taliban gunmen because of her efforts to try to gain
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rights for girls. it cost her a bullet in her head. just 14 years old. >> we beg that it be left alone the future of our children to be endangered by the military mind set. >> reporter: the prime minister visited her in the hospital today where she's fighting for her life. pakistani police say they've arrested some suspects in one of taliban's spokesman boasted was a carefully planned attack to kill the teenager four days ago as she boarded the bus to leave the school her father runs. >> at the rate of which the pakistani people turn against them, help the government to go after them that would be perhaps a silver lining from this horrible tragedy. >> reporter: malala was just 7 years old when she wrote about life under the taliban for the
10:26 pm
bbc. she's since been a crusader the taliban wanted to silence. >> i think it has ramifications beyond the area where it took place and this one person. >> reporter: and indeed this story of the brave teenager has inspired people around the world. >> we have seen life as men and we will stand up for our rights. >> reporter: now girls and boys in pakistan are taking up her fight for the right of all girls to go to school. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. a vallejo man accused of fatally shooting his two friend pled not guilty today in solano county superior court. authorities say halleneger shot the two men. he's charged with two counts of murder and weapons enhancements. new developments now in a story we first brought you back in april. ktvu has learned that a house in antioch taking over by squatters has now been sold. we received that news from the
10:27 pm
realtor. she tells us the house was sold yesterday however the squatters are still there. the realtor say it is new owner plans to either hire an eviction attorney or possibly offer the squatters money to leave. it's kind of weird. it's been 408 here for as long as i've known it. >> the new change, the new area code number.
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new at 10:00 a big change is coming to the south bay. for more than half a century that area has been defined by the number 408. but those phone numbers are quickly running out and a new area code is about to be
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introduced. maureen naylor live in san jose and she tells us people will no longer be able to dial seven longers, now all phones will have to include an area code as well. >> reporter: welcome to the land of 408 and soon to be 669. starting a week from tomorrow, residents here in the south pay will have to dial one and then the area code even if you're calling your neighbor next door. >> reporter: at santa clara paint ball in san jose many were prepared to play but aren't ready to dial four extra numbers. >> most of our calls are to the 408 area code. it's going to affect 90% of our phone calls. >> reporter: for some 408 is not only their area code it's part of their company name. but the sun is setting on the 408 area. existing 408 numbers will remain. but starting next month a 669 area code will be introduced for new numbers.
10:31 pm
>> it's kind of weird it's been 408 for as long as i've known it. 669 it just feels like an out of town number. >> reporter: south bay residents will have to reprogram fax machines and check alarms to make sure the area code is included. the manager of this store just reprogrammed the fax machine and his cell phone but forgot about this sign which will have to be changed and change is tough for this long time los gatos couple. >> i'm staying 408 i think but i have to put one like when i call my kids that live five minutes away from me i have to do 1408 so i have to reprogram my whole speed dial thing. >> we don't like it. we're older and we don't like change that like. >> reporter: today we got a look at the new numbers. and the last one many people
10:32 pm
said they were not interested in, 666. the judge said rate payers should pick up about half of the $2.2 billion cost to improve the gas line. pg & e wants customers to pay 84%. the pipeline repairs were ordered after the deadly san bruno explosion. federal state and local officials were in san francisco to kick off the final phase of the $1.4 billion doyle drive replacement project. workers are dismantling the seismically unsafe roadway and building the new presidio parkway. the new phase will not slow down the commute since the work will take place adjacent to traffic. >> the traveling public will slowly but surely see the completed project come up from the ground. >> reporter: the rubble of doyle drive is supposed to be recycled. the steel tresses to be melted down and the steel tresses
10:33 pm
crushed and then used to build the new highway. the department said more than 700 plants were discovered many were growing in two large greenhouses. authorities said they also found 1,300 pounds of marijuana ready to sell along with an ak47 assault rifle. the estimated value of the marijuana is said to be about $4 million. san jose firefighters are sounding an alert tonight. they want people to be on the look out for a serial arsonist. the arsonist struck last night setting a small fire on delna manor lane. there's been 10 deliberately set fires in west san jose in the past two weeks. earlier this week we told you about several small fires near an apartment complex on south baskin avenue. most of the fires have been in dumpsters, shrubs and once a couch. firefighters say even the small ones are serious because they could very easily spread. now to our election 2012
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coverage. mitt romney campaigned alongside his running mate paul ripe tonight in ohio. >> so -- paul ryan tonight. >> so we have a very serious decision to make. do we want stagnation or do we want a dynamic growing committee that creates opportunities and create jobs? >> reporter: the two accused the president of offering more of the same. romney will face off with president obama next tuesday in long island new york for their second presidential debate. president obama spent the evening in washington, d.c. where he joined three winners of a campaign contest. the prize stems from an effort to boost online contributions for the president's campaign. and coming up in 10 minutes, why opponents of california's prop 32 say the way it's written makes the proposition unfair. police in sonoma are looking for a man they said
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exposed himself at two grocery stores just minutes apart. this is a surveillance picture of the man. police say he went inside a safeway store two weeks ago and exposed himself the to a female shopper. they say he then went across the street to sonoma market and exposed himself to a female employee there. the man fled and officers were unable to find him. together is proving to be a -- october is proving to be a recordbreaking month for b.a.r.t. that makes for the fifth busiest day ever. tuesday and wednesday were also among the top ten busiest days for b.a.r.t. last saturday scored the highest weekend ridership of all time. in addition to the baseball play offs, weekend events threw riders for fleet week, strictly grass roots festival and the america's cup competition. download our app and you can watch all our newscasts live on your mobile device. in a city known for being
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sinful one man is making headlines for being honest. very honest. a cab driver found a black laptop case left behind by one of his passengers and inside was nearly a quarter of a million dollars in cash. but without hesitation the cab driver of seven years took the case and the $221,000 to the cab company's lost and found. >> and hour after he turned in the cash, the owner claimed it and gave the cabbie a $2,000 reward. a legal challenge to new york's revolutionary ban on big sodas. plus remember those lose seats on american airlines now the company needs to make repairs on dozens more aircraft. and i'm back here in just a couple of minutes it is a big weekend for sports in the bay area. i'll have the forecast for both the big game in the san francisco area and we'll have your forecast looking for those
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80s i'll see you back here? but up first a show of support for two housekeepers. why their coworkers say they were fired inappropriately. q
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there was a rally this evening in santa clara for two housekeepers at the hyatt regency who were fired one year
10:40 pm
ago today. >> if we don't get respect. >> you don't get no -- >> reporter: protesters showed report for sisters martha and lorena reyes. the housekeepers say they were among many hired employees who faces were pasted on top of bikini clad bodies. martha tore down the pictures and they were hired a month later. >> this is a failing of union leadership because they are using disenginous messages and using the reyes sisters to do that. >> reporter: the sisters have filed a retaliation charge against the hotel with the equal employment opportunity commission. in norway the noble economy awarded the peace price to the european union. it honored the eu for peace,
10:41 pm
reconciliation, democracy and human life. many were skeptical the eu would get if peace prize during a time of violent protests. it is the first violence since -- each side was holding a rally when backers of the president stormed the stage of the rival camp. at least 100 people were injured. and down under an early spring surprise for folks. a storm dropped about two inches of snow. that's more than people say they've ever seen. but wildlife kangaroos seem to cope just fine with all that snow. the american beverage association is taking steps to restrict sales of sugary drinks. the group filed suit siting
10:42 pm
infringement of perm freedom. it outlaws the sale of sugary drinks larger than 16-ounces everywhere in the city expect grocery own convenience stores. a group backed by the beverage industry is spending millions of the dollars to defeat a soda tax on the upcoming november ballot. the money raised would go to pay for obesity education and community programs. american airlines says it's working on more planes now to keep the passenger seats from coming lose. american says it has already fixed seats on 48 planes now it's going to work on 48 more. the next batch of plays are boing 757. the airline says it hasn't been a problem but they are going to put additional clamps as a precaution. southwest declined to
10:43 pm
match a $10 fare increase. southwest the reason is simple, it's costs are going up. if prop 32 were to pass all of the union money would be removed. paying for politics the issue on next month's ballot ballot that is already dividing the state. >> and the weekend is here and our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the weather. what to expect in the bay area forecast. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians.
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to really help our schools, vote yes on thirty-eight.
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the november election is fast approaching in the california election manual the title for proposition 32 says it's about limiting the political contributions of corporations and unions. but as ktvu's allie rasmuss tells us critics say the issue is not so simple. >> reporter: the ads from
10:46 pm
supporters and opponents for proposition 32 has been flooding the air waves for weeks. >> big money special interest don't want the change we need. >> reporter: but who's right? >> this is about our legislators not listening to donors but being forced once again to listening to voters. >> it may give the appearance of even handedness of fairness but it's actually anything but. >> reporter: john logan professor at sf state says prop 32 is unfair to unions. i bars corporations from using payroll deductions for political spending. but logan says the problem is corporations don't raise money. >> this is how unions raise their money. it's not how corporations raise
10:47 pm
money and spend money in politics. >> reporter: brad backus recognizes unions will be more impacted but he says that's the point. >> no worker in california should ever be bullied or have presumed donations taken out of their paycheck to support a candidate they don't agree with. >> reporter: he say it is burden should be on the union to ask each of its members to make a written agreement to make political contributions. but it's already difficult enough for unions to compete when it comes to political spending. in the last 10 years business interests spend $700 million in political issues while unions spent 249 million. >> no one is denied that unions not be part of the california politics but already you have this very great inbalance and prop 32 were to pass, all of the union money would be removed. >> the legislative analysts office estimates the measure would cost $1 million a year to
10:48 pm
enforce if passed. in the newsroom, allie rasmus. and at you will find our latest election coverage just look for the politics section on the drop down menu labeled news. welcome to friday night, your weekend is out in front of you looks like a really nice one. lots going on in the bay area we'll get to it. the system moving off to the east there's that weather system to the north we're kind of caught between the two. so there'll be a few sprinkles out there tonight. light drizzle. you know moisture on the cars a lot of dew in the morning hours but basically a nonevent. by 10:00 tomorrow morning we start to clear out rapidly. overnight lows are on the cool side especially in the north bay. 48 in concord, 52 in fremont. points are running a little high so there's going to be a lot of moisture out there on the car windshields, a lot of moisture out on the grass.
10:49 pm
the forecast for the weekend looks really good. warm ethan it was -- warmer than it was today tomorrow. warmer still on sunday with temperatures getting into the low 80s. and as we go into next week warmer still. so the bay area weekend today started here in the mid- and low 60s. saturday into the 70s mid-70s. sunday into the 80s. maybe even some mid-80s i think that would be in the warmest locations but there's a lot going on in the bay this weekend so the fog along the coast early morning saturday. burns off pretty quick. that's the computer model gets rid of it then wants to bring it back late sunday afternoon. i think we're dry obviously and the fog comes back on saturday night. sunday i expect a lot of fog free conditions along the coast. treasure island music festival going on this weekend saturday and sunday. temperatures there in the mid- 60s upper 60s. take a hoodie because you're out on the island and things get going a little bit. in the league conference series
10:50 pm
that's on sunday 5:00. 63degrees for the first pitch. i hope you have tickets it's not an easy ticket to get. if you're like me and you're at home watching it, just turn the heat up. and in san francisco, 49ers football sunday at 1:25. another big game. get ready for that. these are forecasts highs for tomorrow, warmer still as we get into your sunday. monday, tuesday, wednesday warmer still. big smile on everybody's face because it's the weekend. big smile because i think everybody feels good about the giants and 49ers. we're all bummed about the a's but we're just going to march forward. big weekend ahead the music festival sounds good. weather should be good for everybody. >> big changes, thank you bill. >> can't wait to see all those aerial shots. a new bay area sports team played its first game tonight and the line up is all set. it'll be the giants hosting the
10:51 pm
st. louis cardinals this sunday after the cardinals stage the biggest come back in a do or die game in major league history.
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10:53 pm
tonight is opening night for the san francisco bulls at the cal palace.
10:54 pm
the new minor league hockey team faced off against the baker's field condors. the game came in the middle of a lock out. we even found some shark fans in the crowd. unbelievable game tonight between the cardinals and the nationals and it forced the cardinals to change their strategy. >> in the middle of game they're thinking we're staying or we're going back. san francisco giants are like cockroaches you can stomp on them but they just don't die. haven't seen so many people stunned in washington, d.c. since watergate back in the 70s. cards are back to tie it 7-7 in the ninth. the rookie pete cosma hitting .123 in the play off. cardinals in front for good. their closer jason mott a no drama save in the bottom of the
10:55 pm
ninth pop up to end it. and they are after all still the defending world champs they take the series 3-2 and they are now headed to san francisco. game one sunday night at at&t. what a come back. another upstart team meets a similar fate. baltimore given the yankees everything they wanted and more but in the end another lefty with bay area connections does come through. vallejo's own c.c. sabathia take it is ball and does not give it back until it's complete. it was scoreless in the fourth. raul ibanez a mere single this time that breaks a scoreless tie. mark texeria scoring 1-0. then just let cc do his thing. a complete game four hitter, 3- 1 the final. now the yankees win the series and host detroit game one
10:56 pm
saturday night in the bronx. hello does anyone remember the 49ers are hosting the new york giants. rematch of the title game at candle stick. it was a good game and nobody was paying attention to it. they can taste the super bowl. >> we wanted that game bad. we wanted it i mean, more than anything in the world. i mean we were right there. everyone was fired up, momentum was on our side. and then we you know we started to lose it. they outplayed us. we made some mistakes and pretty much cost us the game. >> we all remember what happened in overtime first in our high school game of the week series. overtime great job by the voters to pick this thing.
10:57 pm
fremont of sunny vale versus cupertino. lots of spirit, lots of happiness the game lived up to the hype. cupertino got the two point conversion 28-0. first time fremont gets the ball. ricky hail first and fourth smith touchdown. they get the three point conversion turned out to be the game decider. 36-28 cupertino had been 6-0 their first defeat of the year. we are as you know headed for another massive bay area sports weekend that's the sports life for a friday night. of course you will see game one of the series against the cardinals right here on channel 2 after the 49er game. >> what a line up. >> it's going to be crazy. >> how great would that be to see the yankees against the san francisco giants in the world series. >> that's a good one but as the players like to say one step at
10:58 pm
a time. one step -- >> there's still one big step to go. >> the washington nationals will tell you don't get ahead of yourself. they let some heartbreak tonight in d.c. >> thank you, mark. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> mornings on 2 will update you tomorrow on both the 49ers and the giants right here on 2.
10:59 pm
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